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JMS - Ground Support Equipment - for further information and latest illustrations kindly visit our PRODUCTS area. You will have straight access to our TECHNICAL DATA through the following select files for each GSE-section:


Overview: J-Solutions, overview about GSE-solutions from JMS

  • • EN: JMS-SOLUTIONS – this brochure provides an overview about the GSE-solutions from JMS,
  • • CN: JMS-SOLUTIONS-CN – GSE产品解决方案- JMS,
  • JMS-Customers, for access to our general customer reference list,
  • • for further data, pictures and videos please access our general and specific PRODUCTS area.

Ground Handling

Overview for easiest selection of specific or universal towbars for commercial aircraft and business jets, also for fly-away purposes – patented shear pin design.

  • • EN: Towbar select-J-TOW, aircraft towbars for commercial airliners, narrow and wide bodies, civil and defense aviation,
  • • EN: Towbar select-J-TOWbiz, aircraft towbars for business jets & regional aircraft,
  • • DE: Schleppstangen J-TOW, Flugzeug-Schleppstangen für Großraum/Standardrumpf in der Zivil-Luftfahrt & im Verteidigungssektor,
  • • DE: Schleppstangen J-TOWbiz, Flugzeug-Schleppstangen für regionale & Business-Jets,
  • • ES: barras J-TOW, aviación civil y de defensa: selección de barras de remolque - aeronaves de fuselaje estrecho & ancho,
  • • ES: barras J-TOWbiz, aviación: selección de barras de arrastre - aeronaves regionales & negocio.
  • J-TOW-Retrofit, suggestions for universal retrofit of towbars at site.
  • J-TOW-Ref, for access to our specific TOWBAR customer reference list,
  • • for more information please refer to the specific product area under TOWBARS.

Line & Heavy Maintenance

J-AXLE-series: aircraft axle jacks/ wheel handling

Overview for easiest selection of innovative aviation individual or universal aircraft axle jacks and operational options around the wheel handling.

  • • EN: Axle jack-select, aircraft axle jacks and options, complete solutions around wheel handling, 
  •  • DE: Radwechselheber, Flugzeug Radwechselheber und Optionen, kplt. Lösungen rund um den Radwechsel,
  • • ES: gatos hidráulicos, aviación: gatos hidráulicos y opciones para aeronaves, soluciones completas en contorno al cambio de ruedas,
  • • CN: Axle-jack-select-CN, 飞机轮轴千斤顶选型表.
  • J-AXLE-Ref, for access to our specific AXLE JACKS customer reference list,
  • • for more information please refer to the specific products area under WHEEL/BRAKE Handling.

J-POD-series: aircraft maintenance tripod jacks

Overview about specific or universal maintenance tripod jacks for commercial aircraft – available in conventional design as well as with unique automatic mechanical INTERLOCK system J-AMI.

  • J-POD-Ref, for access to our specific TRIPOD JACKS customer reference list,
  • • for more information please refer to the specific products area under TRIPOD JACKS.

J-CART-series: aviation service carts

The Ro-Ro-concept at aircraft maintenance service carts.

  • • EN: Cart-select, variety of aircraft service carts and compositions, focus on aircraft maintenance,
  • • DE: Service-Carts, diverse Flugzeug Service Carts und entspr. Ausstattungsvarianten für die Flugzeugwartung,
  • • ES: Carros de servicio, aviación: variedad y composición de carros de servicio para mantenimiento de aeronaves.
  • J-CART-Ref, for access to our specific CARTS customer reference list.
  • • for more information please refer to the specific products area under SERVICE CARTS.

J-SEL-series: aircraft engine handling system

Smart Engine Lift for aviation – innovative solution for a quick and safe engine change at commercial aircraft, for more information please refer to the specific products area under AIRCRAFT & ENGINE HANDLING.





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