JMS – the safest and easiest operating towbars

Adjustment of pins to correct shear force applicable to the operated aircraft – quick and safe, without additional tooling.


JMS AG - Jet Maintenance & Service - the efficiency in aircraft wheel changing
  • Quick shear-pin adjustment
  • Less shear pin ruptures = reduced operational costs
  • Additional safety in handling with shock-absorbing tow-eye and floating axle
  • Low maintenance requirements through a minimum of lubricating parts
  • High quality standard = operate your equipment safely for many years
  • Covers all common aircraft – from business jets up to commercial aircraft
  • Already in operation with Ground Handling Companies around the globe!

displayed universal towhead J-TOWversa1, covering the most common wide body aircraft A330-all series/ A340-200/300, A350-all series, as well as B767/B777/B787-all series - by means of only 2 shearpins.

Any of the universal towbars can also be delivered with single position shearpins for dedicated aircraft coverage.


JMS certified Embraer E2 towbar



JMS AG - Jet Maintenance & Service -  J-AXLE105AHPA-cylinder
  • Quick fit shear pins for load adaptation to aircraft reducing pin breakages,
  • Quick positioning adapter for operation of Airbus A320 family and Boeing B737 – all series,
  • Wider operational range via optional shearpins for operation at C919, MC21, E190, etc.
  • Optional mechanic shear pin breakage indicator to call operators attention
JMS AG - Jet Maintenance & Service -  J-AXLE105AHPA-cylinder


Our equation for your success:
Quick and safer operation + significantly lower maintenance efforts = higher cost efficiency!



JMS AG is certified according to EN ISO9001 since 2012
and according to EN ISO14001 since 2022.

ISO Certification



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