Aircraft wheel & brake handling incl. J-AXLE- series jacks – available ex stock

JMS AG - providing line & heavy maintenance solutions around your aircraft Wheel & Brake handling based onto specific manufactured, innovative and operational axle jacks, recovery jacks and beams, proof load test fixtures, wheel dollies, service carts & tire racks:

Compact AXLE JACKS series, from manual 6 to. jacks up to air-supported all-in-one-designs with 105 to. (6,6 to 115,5 US, highest maneuverability, fully CE compliant, lowest maintenance requirements - also for fly-away consideration - along with convenient options

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J-SOLUTIONS for more information about the JMS GSE-features,
J-AXLE-Ref to access to our specific AXLE JACKS customer reference list,
J-WHEEL-Ref to access to our specific WHEEL DOLLY customer reference list.
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JMS - the efficiency in aircraft wheel changing



    Air operated hydraulic axle jack with hand pump, 105 to. (116 US short tons) for Wide-Body aircraft up to A350-1000



    Air operated hydraulic axle jack with hand pump, 90 to. (99 US short tons) for Wide-Body aircraft up to displayed A380; without hand pump as J-AXLE90A; also available as J-AXLE90A-NWS for Nose Wheel Steering

  • J-AXLE60A


    Air operated hydraulic axle jack without hand pump, 60 to. (66 US short tons) for Narrow/Wide-Body aircraft; with hand pump available as J-AXLE60AHPA and in special versions



    Air operated hydraulic axle jack with/without hand pump, 45 to. (50 US short tons) for Narrow-Body aircraft; without handpump available as J-AXLE45A

    YouTube Icon Pressurized operation
    YouTube Icon Hand pump operation
    YouTube Icon Lifting speed

  • J-AXLE20A


    Air operated axle jack, 20 to. ( 22 US short to.) for regional aircraft like Antonov AN-148/-158, Bombardier Dash8-series, Challenger & Global, Embraer 170/175/190/195/Lineage, Fokker F50, Superjet S100, among others

  • J-AXLE15A -> please refer 20 to. jack


    Air operated hydraulic axle jack, 15 to. (16,5 US short tons) for Regional aircraft, in particular for Bombardier Dash8-series & Challenger 300/350, ATR-42/-72

  • J-AXLE12A


    Air operated hydraulic axle jack, 12,5 to. (13,8 US short tons) for NLG of common Narrow-Body aircraft; like ATR42/72, A318-A321, B717, B737-300 to -900, CRJ100/200, Sukhoi Superjet 100, Falcon 7x/8x



    Manually operated hydraulic axle jack, 12,5 to. (13,8 US short tons) for NLG of common Narrow-Body aircraft, like ATR42/72, A318-321, B717, B737-300 to -900, CRJ100/200, Sukhoi Superjet 100, Falcon 7x/8x



    for landing gear access with our 12 to. axle jack J-AXLE12HPA we the extension kit suitable for ATR42/72, Dash8Q-series & Embraer 190/95-E2.

  • J-AXLE12HPA-Flight-Kit


    kit for on board transport, consisting of 12 to axle jack and extension kit stored into a transport case

  • ATR42/72 landing gear adapters

    ATR42/72 landing gear adapters

    for wheel change of ATR42/42 we got adapters J-JA-NLG42-72 and J-JA-MLG42-72

  • J-AXLE06-01HPA & J-AXLE08-01HPA

    & J-AXLE08-01HPA


    Manually operated hydraulic axle jack, 6 & 8 to. (6,6 & 8,8 US short tons) for NLG of common Business jets, like Comac ARJ-21, Antonov AN-140, Sukhoi Superjet 100, Bombardier CRJ100/-200, Fokker F-27/28/59/70/100, Embraer E170/E175/E190/195/Lineage, among others.

  • J-AXLE-ARB-35.1 Recovery Beam

    Recovery lifting beam  J-AXLE-ARB-35.1

    Recovery lifting beam for narrow body aircraft; operation with 2 standard JMS 20 to. or 45 to. axle jacks; beams also available for smaller aircraft and corresp. jack combinations

  • J-AXLE90AHPA-AR recovery jack

    J-AXLE90AHPA-AR recovery jack

    Aircraft recovery jack for a variety of narrow and wide body aircraft; please refer to select file for access to full data and indication of aircraft coverage

  • J-TF150 Test Fixture

    Load test fixture J-TF150

    Universal mobile proof load test fixture for axle & tripod jacks, for loads up to 150 to./165 US to., optional data logger; also available as fixture for 60 to./ 66 US to. (see also under tripod jacks), applicable on any brand; alternatively available as fix test stand

  • J-AXLE-TBAxx  Transport Box

    Transport Box J-AXLE-TBA

    Transport box for aircraft axle jacks from J-AXLE A-series, 45 to 105 to., with fork lift access and ramp for safest fly-away handling; similar version for 20 to. jack.

  • Variety of options

    Variety of options

    Available options such as transport box, pressure hose set J-AXLE-PHA applicable on any jack and remote control to provide full operators support

  • J-WF1  Wheel Fork


    Wheel change fork designed for all commonly used aircraft wheels.

  • 227A-JMS  Wheel Dolly

    Wheel Change Dolly 227A-JMS

    Wheel change dolly with a capacity of 700 kg/1.543 lbs, for wheels from NB up to A380, inclinable lifting arms (replaces former J-TW500); variety of operational options available

  • J-Belt  Brake handling

    Brake handling J-Belt

    Soft sling of adjustable length with steel triangles for brake handling, rated capacity 250kg/ 550 lbs; also available as brake support adapter for lifting arms

  • 388b  Transportation dolly

    Transportation dolly 388b

    Universal transportation dolly for wheels, loading capacity up to 0,2 to. for wheels up to ø 1.200 mm and 450 mm width

  • J-TW500


    Wheel Brake Changer adjustable for wheel sizes 270 - 1300 mm, also available with brake support; replaced by more reliable version 227A-JMS

  • J-TR-W2  Tire Rack

    Universal tire rack J-TR-W2

    Universal stackable tire rack for storage of up to 2 wide-body (2x300 kg/2x660 lbs) and/or 4 narrow-body wheels; further options available like roller, lifting lever, canvas cover

  • J-CART-A


    Axle jack trolley, suitable for a jack from 45 to 105 to (50 to 116 US short tons)

  • J-CART-A2


    Trolley for 2 axle jacks, suitable for jacks from 45 to 105 to (50 to 116 US short tons)

  • J-CART-4MW-EK2


    Wheel trolley with inclined plane for four A380-wheels, also available for other combinations

  • J-CART-2BN


    U2 bottle trolley for Nitrogen, also available for 4 bottles, with or without booster





JMS AG is certified according to EN ISO9001 since 2012
and according to EN ISO14001 since 2022.

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